Salsa Roja | Berta Rojas

Nominee Best Classical Album
Berta Rojas - Salsa Roja

Nominated to the XV Latin Grammy as “Best Classical Album.” In this album, Berta Rojas pays tribute to Latin America. Salsa Roja, exudes elegance, sophistication and a sensuality that invites the listener to discover the many dimensions of the soul.


  • Berta Rojas

Release Date

  • 2013

Raul da Gama

World Music Report

From the first track with instruments from a landfill to a final track of celebration, Salsa Roja is a portrayal of life and love. Above poverty, above loneliness, above sadness, love and music and the love of music carries on in a dance without end

Raul da Gama

World Music Report

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