Día y Medio | Paquito D'Rivera & Berta Rojas

Nominee Best Instrumental Album
Berta Rojas - Día y Medio

Grammy Award Winner Paquito D’Rivera pairs with guitarist extraordinaire, Berta Rojas on an exciting and singular duet. Together, they pay tribute to jewels of the Paraguayan musical tradition including pieces by the great composer Agustin Barrios. Together they present a program that is attractive and fun to listen to, which received unanimous critical accolades.


  • Paquito D'Rivera & Berta Rojas

Release Date

  • 2012

Travis Rogers Jr.

The Jazz Times

Día y Medio (A Day and a Half) is the staggering new collaborative album by Berta Rojas and Paquito D’Rivera. In a word, Paraguay has much to celebrate and the world should be celebrating with them, especially in the new-found exposure to the amazing music of this amazing country. This new CD from Rojas and D’Rivera is the soundtrack of rediscovery and celebration.

Travis Rogers Jr.

The Jazz Times

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